Nose Pins that can never go unnoticed!

Jewellery has been the lady love since ages. All ladies have a soft corner for these essentials. From head to heels jewellery is for adorning every part of the body at special occasions. There has been immense love for nose pins ever since people became fond of getting their nose pierced. In India, it is even considered a part of many cultures & rituals.  

Nose pin is a small pin like structure that is specially created to give a sparkling tint to the nose & enhance the facial features. Just like any other jewellery, it is available in many shapes, sizes & metals. Today we will provide a sneak peak to some most stylish & popular nose pin designs which are being loved all over India.

1. Bold is better

These are the nose pins which are really bold and would stand out beautifully on the face. You don’t really need to show it to anyone because it is very easily seen. The oxidized silver bold nose pins are being loved & flaunted all over the world. Get the most awaited hippie look with this nose pin.

2. Sparkling beauty

The nose pins with shining diamond or stone can add a dazzle to your look. It looks like a full moon shining on your face. Adorn it on every occasion. Add it to your simple sari look or the stunning lehanga look. Put it on and be the sparkling beauty that you really are!

diamond nose pin

3. Love for gemstones

Some people are head over heels for gemstones. So the nose pins with gemstones embedded in them are most liked by such people. You can get them in several colours, shapes, sizes & metals. All those who like to play the contrast game or colour game strong can opt for such nose pins.

gems nose pins

4. Nose Rings

These are not exactly nose pins but serve the purpose of both nose pins & nose rings. All those who are looking for something to add on to their casual chic look can use these nose rings.

nose rings

5. Traditional Charm

Indian designs are for every occasion & every outfit. When these designs are carved out beautiful silver surface the beauty is beyond imagination. These nose pins are perfect for daily use and can be used on both Indian & western outfits. Such nose pins keep the Indian traditional charm alive.

nose pins

The big question is that where to find such nose pins?

We have done our homework & have brought to you the most versatile jewellery makers who understand Indian style & know what the jewellery lovers want.

This jewellery store known as The Queen Herself supplies exclusive & genuinely priced jewellery pieces all over India. You can contact at their social networking handle & get the best jewellery at your doorsteps for your special occasions.



Neha TiwariNose Pins that can never go unnoticed!

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