Meet Her- A girl who became her own Hero!

It is really easy to find real life heroes around us. They exist in every nook and corner where difficulties & struggle tend to persist. Though the lives of such people look really ordinary, there are moments of courage, faith & extraordinary efforts hidden in their lives. These are such people who follow a policy of never giving up. One such person who took her life in the best way possible even at the hardest times is Alisha Bohra.

Today we have brought a simple yet inspirational story for our readers to get their lives going with joy, happiness & positive vibes.
Alisha is another simple, innocent & fun loving Indian girl who was pretty excited since childhood for the unseen excitements & events in her life. What really touched our hearts when we heard her story was that she managed to keep her passion on the forefront even during the hardest times of life.
Now when I say hardest time of life that doesn’t always mean that it was full of misery or sadness. The word hardest time here refers to the unexpected situations in life where one is forced to look down & give up on dreams.

For Alisha, her life was beautiful enough to be remembered like a sweet dream. But every beautiful story is incomplete without some serious turns and twists. It so happened when her mother became seriously ill one day & she had to step out of her comfort zone. Even though Indian joint families are extremely supportive & caring, Alisha had to realize her responsibility as a good daughter towards her parents. Other than parents, she had her two little sisters who have been looking up to Alisha as their role model!

In her early teens, when she had already decided to become a C.A., she even got up the task of handling her family & house. The toughest time arrived when her sisters were growing & looking forward to their career. Sometimes, it is not so easy to cope up with the family responsibilities, guide your siblings & focus on your dream. But she chose to do all three things with complete focus, zero ignorance & happily. There were many times in her life when she could totally be selfish, concentrate on her own life & leave the rest to God. Such selfish decisions do not create super heroes in real life. And that is why she chose the opposite. She became the backbone of her sisters, angel for her father & mother.

The last few years of her C.A. career were really difficult where she could not crack one exam repeatedly. This was the real torture. She did break a lot of times, gathered herself and again led her life as a real hero. Finally there came a time, when her younger sister got married, the youngest sister pursued her ambition & she became a C.A. Not just a C.A. She became an example for her family & friends.Her positive attitude, longing to serve everyone with the best & care for everyone around her, made her a Real Hero!

Some stories do sound ordinary but the level of efforts a person puts in to bring smiles on people’s faces is all that counts. Alisha is one of those human beings who try their best to be a ray of kindness in a world where hatred & selfishness prevails the most.

When asked about how she feels today being a part of the super complex corporate world, She says, “Now today when I look back, I feel I have evolved a lot, changed a lot & become a much better version of myself. I have grown & learnt from my mistakes. To exist in corporate world can be really challenging at times, but the faith of my parents in me keeps me going. Also, I feel being grateful for whatever life brings to us, even the challenges, is the key to success. There is still a long way to go & I have new dreams in my eyes with every new day.”

What do we learn from this story? 

Life is uncertain, tricky & sometimes really bizarre. We need to constantly keep ourselves calm, thoughtful & positive. Nothing can beat positive attitude, not even failures! We can walk past every difficulty sooner or later. So be a hero for yourself & surely life will offer you all that you need & desire!

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Neha TiwariMeet Her- A girl who became her own Hero!

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  • Rashika - July 22, 2018

    Very nicely written and so truly inspirational. Being Alisha’s friend since long now I can truly say that she is a real Hero.. love you Alisha 💖

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