Almost all men consider their women really difficult to understand. Actually, girls are a bundle of emotions and so it becomes little difficult to understand their emotions. One needs to notice the activities more to know her better. Sometimes you need to ask her likes and dislikes while you need to use your guessing power the other times.

Let me help you out in knowing the things that can bring you little closer to her. Read the following points and get a brief understanding of the things that you can ask her-

1. Food Love- Ask her choices of food. If she is a foodie, this will give you an edge. You know what to order on a date or what to cook to give her a pleasant surprise. Even if she is not a food lover, this will help you. You will get to know what she doesn’t like to eat and you can avoid ordering or cooking the food she hates!

2. Dream Man- Every girl dreams of falling in love with the Mr Perfect. Do not assume anything rather ask her to open her heart to you. Ask her what different qualities she desires in a man and then you can try to inculcate such qualities in you and be her ManšŸ˜.

3. Aspirations and Goals- Get to know her better by knowing her mindset towards life. Take a trip to her mind and become aware of her goals for life. These goals can be related to her career, her achievements, her fitness or other accomplishments that she desires!

4. Her Interests- Love what your lady loves and she will love you even more. One way to know her and love her better is to know her interests and develop an understanding of such choices. Ask her what is her favourite hobby and try to support her in the same.

5. Annoying Stuff- Last but not the least is the stuff related to annoying her. Get to know about what annoys her or irritates her. Ask her major points of anger and what makes her react fiercely. So the next time she makes a face or feels annoyed, you know the reason behind it.

All the things that can make your relationship bitter, can be avoided if discussed beforehand for a simple and happy life! Understand her and give her love becauseĀ whatever you give her she will make it greater! Keep smiling and keep sharing smiles!



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