I am sure guys feel that girls are the most unpredictable creatures on this planet. And to some extent, they are actually right! Since I am a girl I decided to make it easy for the guys to understand few things about girls. Knowing what and how a girl wants to feel will help both the sexes in a relationship. Because if you treat her right, she will definitely treat you better!

So focus on the following points-

1. “I am always there for you”- 

You all will agree that women are no less than men. Today’s women are totally independent and can manage everything. Still, there is a little girl inside every super girl who needs attention and care. She wants her man to be there when she actually needs him. Telling her about your presence in her life will keep her satisfied.

2. “I really need your opinion on this”-

Where on one hand women need attention and care, on the other hand, they want you to make them feel important! She wants you to take her opinion on ‘every’ important matter of yours. Make her feel like your partner in crime!

3. “I am in love with you”-

Every guy is expected to tell her this at least once a day. It keeps the relationship refreshing like a flower. Tell her that you love her and at times express your love with a flower or by holding her tightly.

4. “Can’t take my eyes off you”

Let her know about her beauty and how much you are attracted to her! Tell her that she is one pretty woman who has made you one lucky man!

5. “Love the way you are”

Most of the time she is fond of decking up but there comes a time when she wants you to appreciate her simplicity. Tell her you love the way she is, whatever she wears, or speaks or behaves. Touch her soul by letting her know that you have explored a lot more than just her looks!Pic Credit:


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  • Parveen Ritwal - September 25, 2017

    Wonderful blog ! I am totally agree with all of these points. These points are very important for every guy to build his relationship more strong. So boys don’t miss it. This blog play a huge role in your relationship must read this. Thanks for this wonderful information.

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