Discipline- A quality that changes life

We all have been hearing about being disciplined since childhood. It is considered extremely useful & beneficial. Not one successful person feels that success can be attained without discipline. It has serious effects on our life & works largely in our favor.

What is discipline?

Discipline is a systematic way of leading life. It is a practice that takes us near perfection. Taking time to carry out tasks with dedication & focus in a similar manner daily is discipline.

Discipline is most of the times misunderstood as strict rules. But I feel it is significantly different. Strict rules can be really painful while discipline just appears painful. Once a person becomes habitual to discipline, it gives happiness and immense satisfaction. It is a simple way of training oneself in order to attain enhanced life.

Let us read about some important things about discipline that changes life-

Healthy Life

When a person adheres to the daily rituals regularly, food habits also align in the same manner. The proper intake of food keeps the body energized & ready to perform the tasks. Our body reacts positively to perfect food timings which evade health issues.

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Better decision making

While we are in a daily habit of doing the appropriate tasks at a correct time, our mind stays focused and attentive. Decision making becomes a simple process as right actions at the right time leads to completion of the task at appropriate deadlines.


Have you ever completed your set goals on time? If you have, you will easily understand the immense happiness that is felt at such times. When you lead a disciplined lifestyle, attainment of goals becomes much easier & certain. The satisfaction is immeasurable which helps in the completion of work with better efficiency.


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Reduced stress

A routine keeps our mind, body & all other activities on track. When things head to where they are supposed to head, the mind is at peace which eventually improves mental health. A positive mind is less unlikely to get affected by stress. At such times mind doesn’t feel the burden & pressurized because discipline doesn’t let the work get hampered. When things go smooth, stress is more likely to stay away.



Enhanced Confidence

Daily rituals performed with joy at the correct time helps in getting things done faster. As and when you reach your set limit, confidence tends to increase slowly & steadily. Every step near that takes you near the goal enhances the confidence.


Success is different for different people. But one thing is for sure that we all love success. Being disciplined helps in achieving success. Consistency, effort & focus are three things that can make anything happen. Even the hardest rock tends to break with the constant rapid force of a river. The example clearly states that success comes in different forms. For some, it can be staying fit, while for the others it can be getting good marks. Whatever be the achievement, discipline is required in all spheres of life.

Positive thoughts

When you make things happen with complete focus & determination daily, life becomes simple & easy. This ease evades negative thoughts from the mind & brings in the positive power in our heads. Being particular with habits & work leaves no time for over thinking which actually leads to negative thoughts. Thus, it has a super positive impact on life.

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Our parents & teachers have been always emphasizing on leading a disciplined life because they know how difficult life can be without discipline. A life that has no discipline often leads to wandering souls & meaningless lives. The sooner we realize it, the better it is. Take a step towards positive & happy life with discipline.

How to be disciplined?

Being disciplined seems like no cup of tea. It is important to know your weaknesses and overcome those weaknesses in order to be disciplined. Controlling desires & thoughts is an art which each one of us should learn to become better.

Follow these steps to shoo away laziness from life.

Stop the second thoughts

The second thoughts are quite common and we all have them. These are thoughts that actually hover in our minds to distract from being disciplined. Small temptations do arise while you are on your mission. For example, when you want to get up early in the morning, second thoughts to sleep a bit more will always be there in your mind. It is important to act as soon as possible to divert these thoughts. With the passage of time, you will see a change in your thought pattern that will make you a disciplined human.

Set your goals

Your goals are everything. If you have no goals, you cannot determine the direction move in. Know what you want in life & set goals to achieve the same. Remind yourself the importance of these goals to be disciplined.

Follow the plan

A plan helps in tracking your performance. Whatever is your goal, make a realistic plan to achieve it. As I said, the plan should be realistic and not too much to follow. Discipline doesn’t work with unrealistic goals and plans. Make a schedule and keep yourself motivated to follow the same.


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Be nice to yourself

Accept that you are human and your efforts count. Even a small effort is great. Forgive yourself for committing mistakes. Don’t be too harsh on yourself. Find joy in whatever you do. Keep your standards high but if you lose it, be nice to yourself. Self-love is important so do not lack it.

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Neha TiwariDiscipline- A quality that changes life

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