Confidence- The feeling that makes a difference!

Life has a lot on its plate to be served. Sometimes there are beautiful times, while the other days are full of sudden disappointments or failures. While the game of hide and seek between problems & solutions goes on, internal feelings fluctuate and often lead to low esteem. This really affects our confidence and our behavior towards problems.

Confidence is nothing but self-belief. It is the level of trust that we have in ourselves. It is essential to understand that when things go wrong or right, confidence can actually alter the situations drastically.

How does confidence affect us?

Remember the last time you told your dog to growl at the stranger and he growled so much better than you imagined?? This is all because of the trust you showed in him that he can do it & then he did it. This trust is nothing else but confidence. It boosts our performance. It raises our standards of positive thinking. And it gives a sense of satisfaction even at the worst time of life.

The power of confidence is known by only those who believed in themselves. When life or people knock you down, and you get up with a bang, which is all because of confidence. Knowing your abilities is one thing but having faith in yourself related to the application of such abilities is confidence.

When you have low self-esteem & low level of faith in yourself, even the smallest failures will hit you large. On the other hand, if you are confident, even the largest failures will seem small. Once you understand that it is not the failures or circumstances that affect you but it is the dealing power that affects us, you get more and more confident.

How to improve confidence levels?

Building and improving self-confidence can be a tough task. But once determined, you are ready to take it off. Here are some tips to gain an edge over lower levels of confidence.

Accept Challenges

Instead of hiding or feeling scared, accept challenges wholeheartedly. Find out how to complete your tasks & complete it at any cost. When you show yourself good results, it automatically boosts confidence & performance.

Trust yourself

There will always be people criticizing you. If not people, you might feel intimidated by the massive success of other people. This is the appropriate time to catch hold of your negative thoughts & induce positive thoughts about your life. Tell yourself that you know yourself better & you chose the best for yourself. Let no one drift you away from the reality that you know about yourself. When good things happen to others, feel good and appreciate it. A good heart & good mind is likely to be very confident.

Appreciate Your Efforts

See there will be times when people will not appreciate you despite your hard work. You have to be your best friend in such time. Remember, your every effort counts, be it small or large. When you will see your efforts as successful, only then can you bring it in front of others.

Accept Compliments as well as Mistakes

It often happens that after a long period of dismay, people find hard to admit compliments. It becomes very difficult for them to digest even the simplest & most truthful compliments. If this happens to you, make sure that you understand that compliments are a part of life just like criticism. Embrace your power gracefully. Know that you have it in yourself & others are able to see it. Mistakes should also be taken in a just manner. You should neither ignore them nor take them by heart. Mistakes are only lessons taught.


Nothing boosts confidence more than good preparation. Confidence is needed in every sphere of life. Prepare well wherever you need best results. When you are sure about your preparation & homework, you are confident about your success. So instead of being upset or losing faith in yourself, prepare. Prepare really well!

Think Positive

Positive thoughts have great power. Such thoughts can alter situations & turn even the most unfavourable moments in our favour. Thinking good and positive about yourself, your life & people around can give a major shift to your confidence. It helps you perform better.

Follow these tips in order to improve your confidence & feel better!



Neha TiwariConfidence- The feeling that makes a difference!