Common Symptoms of Depression

Depression is one big issue that the world is facing. Every third person is at a risk of having depression nowadays. Prolonged stress, frequent illnesses, changing hormonal levels, peer pressure can deliver depression to individuals. Tackling depression is difficult but not impossible. Simple changes in lifestyle can go a long way in treating depression. But before taking any step it is important to diagnose depression which doesn’t really comes with lots of noise.

To diagnose depression, it is important to notice small changes in the attitude & behavior in individuals. Read the list given below & trace depression to throw it away from the lives of your loved ones.

Some Common Symptoms of Depression are-

1. Change in appetite

Any kind of abnormal change in appetite can be a sign of depression. A person with depression either doesn’t feel like eating or takes the high road to food. Frequent food cravings at weird timings are also a sign of change.

2. Low energy

Drooping energy is one common symptom of depression. It begins with the lazy feeling of doing nothing at all. People want to sleep all day long or just be in bed for wee hours.

3. Feeling of guilt

Feeling of guilt on committing mistakes or not committing mistakes is a common thing that people with depression have. It is not natural feeling & is not common among healthy people.

4. Indecisive nature

People with depression find difficulty in making decisions. They are not very sure about the decisions they make.

5. Sadness

Unnecessary sadness & gloominess keeps surrounding people suffering from depression. One can also be seen sobbing for no reason at all. When asked about their miseries, they do not even know their problems. It can be really difficult to control the sadness originating from them.

6. Sudden change in behavior

Mood swings & sudden change in behavior is quite common among depressed patients. It is something not expected. People can be happy & then sad all of a sudden. It is also a typical type of depression that comprises mainly a personality disorder.

7. Loss of interest in activities

People with this disorder, often deal with lack of interest. They do not know about their likes, dislikes & favorite times. They do not like to do anything & don’t really want to do anything. Such people like to stay alone & avoid social gatherings even meeting with close friends is a tough thing for them to do.

8. Suicidal thoughts

This symptom is not very common and is seen in people with chronic depression. Suicidal thoughts are a sign that immediate help needs to be provided to such people.

Who can be the target of depression?

Depression is a common & serious problem among men, women & children. It doesn’t target people as per age or sex. This issue can happen to anyone who is physically or emotionally shaken. Several incidents like death of loved ones, continuous failure, several health issues, stressing situations, breakups can lead to this disorder. We can see all the conditions mentioned here are quite common & can happen to anyone. Thus, it is observed that depression is a condition that doesn’t really discriminates people on any basis. It totally depends on the situations & the ability to deal with the situations.

Note- *

It is important to note that this disorder can be treated completely. Simple changes can initiate the treatment & can be done in our daily lives. We will get back to depression and the ways to eliminate it in our next blog. Till then keep your stresses away & deal with situations with positive energy!

Neha TiwariCommon Symptoms of Depression