8 Best sources of Protein

As we all know protein are building blocks of the body. These are the essential nutrients that play an important role in the growth & development of the body. This clearly states that it is an important right from the childhood.

Protein is required by almost all the body parts. Regular consumption of this amazing nutrient keeps hair, nails, bones, blood, muscles & skin healthy. Not only this, it also takes charge of making enzymes that ultimately helps in maintaining a hormonal balance.

Neha Tiwari8 Best sources of Protein
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Simple ways to reduce Depression

Depression is a slow & crawling health issue. It affects not just mental health but also physical well being. The signs & symptoms of depression are not very easy to detect. We have already discussed several symptoms of depression that affect the body. Today we shall get to the simple ways of getting rid of it. These simple ways are effective & can be opted easily in order to reduce depression.

Neha TiwariSimple ways to reduce Depression
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Common Symptoms of Depression

Depression is one big issue that the world is facing. Every third person is at a risk of having depression nowadays. Prolonged stress, frequent illnesses, changing hormonal levels, peer pressure can deliver depression to individuals. Tackling depression is difficult but not impossible. Simple changes in lifestyle can go a long way in treating depression. But before taking any step it is important to diagnose depression which doesn’t really comes with lots of noise.

Neha TiwariCommon Symptoms of Depression
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Benefits of Aloe Vera

Aloe Vera is quite a famous herb now. The benefits of Aloe Vera are to be blamed for its popularity. It has so many effective results that we are truly amazed! The thorny succulent leaves are super rich in nutrients which are wonderful for the human body. 

Neha TiwariBenefits of Aloe Vera
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Jeera, also known as cumin seeds are quite popular & are used in our daily life. We see other mothers using these tiny seeds daily while cooking but hardly anyone is aware of the benefits derived from these seeds.

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9 Benefits Of Curd

Curd lovers definitely know the advantages of eating curd daily. But all those who are not curd fans can read the benefits given below and make way for the wonderful food in their tummies & hearts! So here goes the list-

Neha Tiwari9 Benefits Of Curd
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DETOX –Best Way to Clean Your Body

Detox, as the word suggests, is a way of removing the toxins from the body. Our body needs to be cleaned properly just the way our house needs. A routine cleaning involves removing the clutter deposited in the house. In the same way, the toxins deposited in our body needs a routine cleaning. A detox diet has many benefits for the body.

Neha TiwariDETOX –Best Way to Clean Your Body
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Green tea is the tea made of fine leaves collected from the tea plants. It is less processed and is enriched with a type of antioxidant that takes care of the damaged skin cells. It surely doesn’t taste great to me but its benefits highly attract me. I am sure you’d like to know some of the benefits which have compelled me to have a cup of green tea daily.

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