The High Road to Being Thankful!

I have been noticing people cribbing about almost each and every aspect of life nowadays. Young people usually complain about their jobs, busy schedule, lack of freedom, bossy behaviour of siblings, regular homemade food, and the list has no end. The other section of the society which majorly comprises of married people has out and loud complains about their partners, the boring sex they experience, the weird habits of the in-laws, super hectic work schedule, etc.A Sunday evening spent with near and dear ones bring the issues of a messy house and Monday haunting us. Whereas people who spend lonely Sunday evenings usually complain about the loneliness they face. What really fascinates me is that dissatisfaction is so common among the masses!

Neha TiwariThe High Road to Being Thankful!
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The Story of Every Vagina

The vagina is the female reproductive organ. But the pressure that lies on this vagina is way beyond imagination for this world. After so many days of independence, people love to talk about equality & women rights but Vagina is still treated differently and is not just a reproductive organ anymore.

Neha TiwariThe Story of Every Vagina
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Meet Her- A girl who became her own Hero!

It is really easy to find real life heroes around us. They exist in every nook and corner where difficulties & struggle tend to persist. Though the lives of such people look really ordinary, there are moments of courage, faith & extraordinary efforts hidden in their lives. These are such people who follow a policy of never giving up. One such person who took her life in the best way possible even at the hardest times is Alisha Bohra.

Neha TiwariMeet Her- A girl who became her own Hero!
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Confidence- The feeling that makes a difference!

Life has a lot on its plate to be served. Sometimes there are beautiful times, while the other days are full of sudden disappointments or failures. While the game of hide and seek between problems & solutions goes on, internal feelings fluctuate and often lead to low esteem. This really affects our confidence and our behavior towards problems.

Neha TiwariConfidence- The feeling that makes a difference!
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Discipline- A quality that changes life

We all have been hearing about being disciplined since childhood. It is considered extremely useful & beneficial. Not one successful person feels that success can be attained without discipline. It has serious effects on our life & works largely in our favor.

Neha TiwariDiscipline- A quality that changes life
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Things Girls want in life!

Girls are usually considered beautiful mysteries. Their choices, needs & thinking patterns are really different from those of men. Similar is the case of their desires. Some are usual but the others are completely unique. Here we have sorted out the desires of girls & ladies.
Things that girls want  at least for once in their life are-

Neha TiwariThings Girls want in life!
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5 Top Ways to get out of a Depressing Heartbreak

A Heart break is not easy to deal with. In fact, break ups are the reasons behind the most depressing feelings in the world. Nobody really likes to get into a relationship, fight the odds, love the person deeply & then stay behind with a broken heart. It is the last thing that anyone wants in their life.  

Neha Tiwari5 Top Ways to get out of a Depressing Heartbreak
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10 Best friends of Girls

Every lady was once a little girl and still bears the heart of a child. The little things that we girls love at some or the other point of our lives are actually priceless for us. Being a girl, I can totally relate to several things that have served the purpose of true best friends at various stages of life.

Neha Tiwari10 Best friends of Girls
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No matter what happens- Listen to your Heart

With 2018 going on, I want to drag your attention towards the things that we have been doing in the past & are still doing just because we do not feel the need to change. Let me share a story with you on this Motivational Monday to make you realise that some changes should be made with the passage of time.

Neha TiwariNo matter what happens- Listen to your Heart
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Dreams make our life beautiful & give a good motive to spend each & every day. Dream catcher is a beautiful web made with the help of colorful threads and beautiful fibers. This wonderful object consists of a wooden hoop with lots of feathers, fibers & beads. These wonderful objects were used by native Americans called Ojibwe people. Mothers are believed to craft the dream catchers for the well being of their children.

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