Dreams make our life beautiful & give a good motive to spend each & every day. Dream catcher is a beautiful web made with the help of colorful threads and beautiful fibers. This wonderful object consists of a wooden hoop with lots of feathers, fibers & beads. These wonderful objects were used by native Americans called Ojibwe people. Mothers are believed to craft the dream catchers for the well being of their children. These are also good sources for positive energy & charm. The shape of a dream catcher reflects the movement of sun & the moon.

Originally, dream catchers were used for protecting children from bad dreams. Hence these were also called sacred hoops. It was believed that after a long night, dream catchers lets out good thoughts while webs in the bad dreams and shattered in the sunlight. Dream catchers can also be handcrafted. These days dream catchers are loved for their beautiful feathers & lovely beads. So here is the way for designing your own dream catcher.

Step 1-

Take a wooden or metal hoop. These are generally round in shape & are great for holding on fibers. Choose the size according to your wish.

Step 2-

Cover the hoop with any lace, or ribbon. This makes the surface less slippery & more beautiful. Use a glue or gum to stick the lace properly & firmly.

Step 3-

Now take some strong strings like silk threads, nylon strings, etc. Cover the hoop with the colorful strings of your choice. Make it as colorful as you want to.

Step 4-

It is time to decorate the hoop. Things like pearls, beads, feathers, shells, gemstones, etc. can be used to decorate the hoop. Hang on some pearls, feathers & all that you like. Use a small fiber at the top to hang this dream catcher.

Places where you can hang a dream catcher-

  1. On the bed top
  2. Near a window
  3. On the wall
  4. Behind the doors
  5. Drawer handles

Dream catchers can also be woven in chains as pendants. These can also be woven as dial in a hand made bracelet. Use it instead of wind chimes & other wall hanging decorations. Dream catchers can also be used a unique presents to give to your friends, children & colleagues. The markets have quite a variety of these sacred loops but a dream catcher made by oneself at home can give immense satisfaction & enjoyment. Make your own dream catcher & give to your loved ones. State your love & concern for them.



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