9 Benefits Of Curd

Curd lovers definitely know the advantages of eating curd daily. But all those who are not curd fans can read the benefits given below and make way for the wonderful food in their tummies & hearts! So here goes the list-

Reduces Spots 

Yes, you read it right. Both eating & applying curd is beneficial for the body. Eat curd to keep up the nutrition level & apply curd on the face with little lemon juice in it to reduce dark spots & blemishes. The method is natural with no side effects.

Stress reliever

Stress is the root cause of many health issues. And we don’t even realize when it creeps into our lives. One good way of reducing stress if to eat healthy food. People do tend to crave sugar & oily snacks when in stress. Replace all the unhealthy snacks with curd because it has the power to refresh the stomach & intestines. It also reduces constipation & irregular bowel movements. When the body feels right, stressful situations can become easy & make us feel positive.

Bone friendly

We all know calcium content is required for good bone health. Eating enough curd daily makes the bones stronger & increases the bone density. All those who are lactose-intolerant can adopt curd in their eating schedule for the availability of calcium in the body.

Improves digestion

Good bacteria help in the digestion process. The digestion activity becomes smooth & healthy with the help of probiotics. Curd is one such probiotic which has stomach-friendly bacteria. Eating curd regularly makes the gut healthy. It can also treat upset stomach & bring down the level of heat inside the tummy.

Boosts immunity

Strong immunity protects the body better against pathogens. It not only keeps us away from illnesses but also makes us stronger. Curd gives the necessary nutrients to the body. It also makes the digestive system strong which further increases immunity.

Helps in reducing weight

Managing weight is one big task for all of us these days. Simply cutting down oily foods & including curd can go a long way in the dieting schedule. Curd helps in maintaining the nutrition levels of the body. It also keeps the hormones in balance.

Vaginal health

Many women can relate to this problem. Vaginal health deteriorates with unprotected sex, use of tampons, allergic behavior towards sanitary napkins, etc. With every new month, there can be this irritating problem following the girls. Curd has the power to target the yeast infection attacking the vagina. Eat more of it & feel the results.

Conditions Hair

Rough & dry hair can get natural conditioning with the help of curd. It is very easy to tame wild mane with this soft, white textured fluid. Apply it once a week & wash thoroughly to nourish hair.

Improves skin tone

As discussed above, this white nutritious food, helps in maintaining good gut health. Whatever our body feels inside, it reflects the same outside. Curd keeps a check on skin issues like acne, dry skin & dull skin. Include it in your diet & notice visible changes.

Keep Smiling!
Neha Tiwari9 Benefits Of Curd

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